I think of grammar as rules for the game of writing. Knowing Grammar Girl, Mississippi River, and Golden Gate Bridge. They are QUICK AND DIRTY TIP. The grammar devotional: daily tips for successful writing from grammar girl /. Mignon Fogarty on a daily basis— whether from a spiritual devotional, a tip-a- day. Grammar Girl Archive. Get one-click access to any Grammar Girl article or podcast using this page! Click the headline to read the article – or the episode # to.

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I bet you thought grammar couldn't get any more quick and dirty than it did in the previous pages, but here's the quickest grammar of all, culled from lengthier. You'll get fun and friendly doses of writing advice in three short chunks: a Quick and Dirty Tip, a meaty middle, and a final tidbit. Grammar Girl covers everyt. Grammar Girl has generously released a free sample of her new book Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. This sample.

How often should I really be washing my pillowcase? Can I harvest energy from all those static-electricity shocks I get in the winter?

The Spelling Bee Kids Shalini Shankar, the author of "Beeline," reveals where those funny example sentences come from in the spelling bee and what the success of young spellers can tell us about Generation Z.

Writing About Amounts More or most? Majority or plurality? The many how many? Dangling Participles How to identify participles and how to tell if they're dangling. Palgrave Macmillan executive editor Elisabeth Dyssegaard is from Denmark and also works as a translator. The 'Dilemma' Dilemma. In this episode, we talk about the language of "The Big Bang Theory" and why so many people think they were taught the wrong spelling of "dilemma" in school and how to remember to spell it right.

How to Find Work as a Freelance Writer. Tips for new graduates or anyone who is trying to get started as a freelance writer. Plus, the adventurous origin of the word "adventure. Cinco de Mayo. Horse Idioms. Today we have a couple of fun, timely segments Cinco de Mayo! The Kentucky Derby! A teacher wanted to know how to explain the difference between "so" and "so that.

This time, it's dropping our T's. Also, we look at how "snuck" is sneaking up on "sneaked. She also recognizes that the rules change depending on the context formal vs. British English. Although Fogarty acknowledges the book is not a comprehensive style guide, she suggests many ways to tighten and improve your writing and includes an entire chapter on capitalization.

But what really distinguishes this book are the sections on writing for the Internet, generating story ideas, and how to turn Fogarty's tips into a writing career. Here's my own quick-and-dirty tip: download this book.

Give it to friends. It could make life easier for editors - as long as we're not out of a job! Misusing "So" and "Very". Is 'Pair' Singular or Plural? Even Keel. Color Idioms. Kith and Kin. Should You Capitalize 'Social Media'?

Formatting Internal Dialogue: Dialogue Tags. How to Write a Fight Scene. When to Use an Apostrophe. Up or Down the Garden Path? The Interrobang. Is 'Ginormous' a Word? What Does 'Leeway' Mean? Exclamation Points. How to Format a Bulleted List and More. Sort, Kind, or Type?

How to Use Commas: A Summary. Crocodile Versus Alligator. Fictional Versus Fictitious. Adult, Adolescent, and Adultery. Prefixes and Suffixes. Modern Malapropisms. How Do Words Get in the Dictionary? Do the Minions Speak a Real Language?

Comma Law.

Grammar Girl's Free PDF

Numbers in Parentheses. Last Name Origins. Left Holding the Bag. How Shakespeare Used Prepositions. How Many Spaces After a Colon? Are You a Grammar Nerd? Crossword Puzzles. What Does 'Squad Goals' Mean? The Meaning of 'Kudos '. Japanese Words in English. Lewis Carroll: He Loved to Play with Language. The Best Cheap Pens.

Capitalizing Disease Names: Why Ebola is Capitalized. What's the Rule About Paragraph Length? What Does 'Xmas' Really Mean? Is German Chocolate Cake from Germany?

Is 'Boughten' a Word? Just Between You and Me. Concrete, Abstract, Collective, and Compound. The Brothers Grimm: Rockstar Linguists. Make Me a Sanchwich: A Joke About Adverbs. I'm Not So Sure How to Abbreviate 'Microphone '. How to Plan a Story. What Was the First English Novel?

Behave Yourself! Text Messaging, the Internet, and Formality. Don't Use 'Who' to Refer to Children? Crab Canon Poetry. The History of the Apostrophe. The Story of the First World's Fair: The Great Exhibition. Modal Auxiliary Verbs. What Is the Dot over the Letter 'i' Called? National Punctuation Day. Ya Shank: Is 'Done My Exams' a Regionalism? Emoticons Versus Emoji. Words That Aren't Words. Fall Versus Autumn.

What Do Emoji Mean? Plus, 6 Emoji to Get You Started. How to Use the Conjunction 'Nor'. What Was That Again? Fun with Crash Blossoms. How to Make Names that End in -s Plural.

A Language Lover's Trip to England. Weird Al's 'Word Crimes' Video. Weird Coordinating Conjunctions: Is the Semicolon in 'tl;dr' Ironic? Scopal Ambiguity: Punctuation with Trademark Symbols.

Oxford, Appositive, Nonrestrictive. Grammar Girl's Editing Checklist. Luisa Zissman's Missing Apostrophe. Poetry Contest Winners. Words Invented by Shakespeare.

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

The -Bait Suffix Trend: The 7 Reactions to Language Change. An April Fools Day Story. A Big Change at the Associated Press. How Canadians Really Pronounce 'About'. Begs the Question: Is 'Cash Money' a Regional Expression? How Clipping Makes New Words. Units of Measure. The Secret to Writing a Bestselling Novel.

Oh, Those Wacky French Immortals. How to Use Quotation Marks. Scrabble Words. How to Make a Style Sheet. Grammar Pop for the iPhone. What Is a Theory? Take the Today Show Grammar Quiz. What Is a Canard? Could Care Less. Passive Voice. Periods and Parentheses. Participles And Gerunds. Apostrophes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Names. Apostrophes and Plurals. Guess the Literary Device. The Royal 'We'. Dangling Participles.

A Lot. How to Make Weird Nouns Plural. Common Comma Error. How to Use Hyphens. Old Editor Says. How Texting Is Changing English.

The Curmudgeon. The Language of Crime.

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A Secret Weapon for Your Memory. The Hurl.

Flashbacks in Books. Grammar Pop Post. Bad Portmanteau Examples. Write Right. Where Do I Use Commas? Noun or Adjective?

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Irish Influences on English. Crazy English Idioms. National Grammar Day. The Most Insidious Misplaced Modifier. The Oxford Comma, in Pictures. I Love You: A Subject-Object Valentine. Starting a Sentence With 'However': Can Apple Get Away with 'Funness'?

Is it 'a Company Who Pronouns for People and Animals: How to Use a Hyphen. Tuxedo Verbs. The Mad Dash Through the Novel.

Style and Register. Why Is there an Apostrophe in 'Hallowe'en'? Writing for Dyslexic Readers. Google Ngram and 'Impact' as a Verb. Ghost Words. What Is Point of View. Does 'E-book' have a Hyphen? Writing Scripts and Speeches. A Few Short Questions. When Is 'W' a Vowel? Show Me Your Errors: Songs and Movies. Modifying Absolutes. Formatting Titles on Twitter and Facebook. Are You Annoyingly Redundant? Words Actually Can Express The Rules of Story.

What Is the Plural of Scissors? Does 'You' Come First or Last? Past Tense of an Acronym. Johannes Gutenberg: Language Rock Star.

Starting a Sentence with a Number. Tips for Editing and Revising. Question Tags. Bad Grammar:: Good Fiction. Characters with Bad Grammar. How to Write Numbers. Country Names and 'The': The Ukraine or Ukraine. Hyphens in Compound Words Coffeehouse. Ending a Sentence with an Abbreviation. Dashes, Colons, and Commas. What Does 'Proper English' Mean? Is 'Impact' a Verb? Mary Sue. When Do You Capitalize Directions.

Getting Your Tricky Conditionals Right. Where Are You At? Why Do Kids Say 'Versing'? Spelling 'Stationery' and 'Compliment'.

Should We Abandon Standard Spelling? Indefinite Pronouns. First, Second, and Third Person. Hyphens in Compound Words. Do You Capitalize 'Google' as a Verb? Plural of 'Cul-de-Sac '. Where Did the Symbol Come From?

Should You Point Out Errors? Sentence Fragments. Is 'Gifting' a Word? Are High Odds Good or Bad. Active Voice.

Christmas Carol Grammar. Do Turkeys Come From Turkey? How to Pronounce 'The'. What Is the Plural of iPad2? What's a Brouhaha? Formatting Vertical Lists. Can You Start a Sentence with 'Because'? Why Commas Matter. Em-Dash Space. Word Choice for Creative Writing. What is a Shibboleth? How to Search a Corpus.


Don't Call This a Superlative Tip. Generic Singular Pronouns. Myriad Of.I'm not too worried about my grammar. Irish Influences on English. Great information. Myriad Of. How to Use Semicolons.

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